Asset Credits

These are by others:

Evaluated to be accessible! is by The web is yours.Is from someone. (I could not find a source, please let me know if you know.)

This one Edited with Vim: improved and free. I love my editor. is also of unknown origin. Must be old, because who even remembers Vi? Vim isn't improved, it's just normal.

These are made by me:

Feel free to use them on your own website, but use alt text (see source of this page for examples) and please credit me!

Bitsy game maker Bitsy game maker

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup The font for the Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup button is Wayfarer's Toy Box, which is free for personal use.

Craftinatorics Craftinatorics Craftinatorics The font for my button is Pixelbroidery, which is free for commercial and personal use.

they them lesbian The font of this is Venice_14px, some ancient bitmap font from Hoard of BitFonts. I'll put up the blank button later so you can put your own pronouns if u want!