advanced stitch counting for crafters, and other diversions

Watch this space!

Unfinished quilt with big yellow stars. There are safety pins holding it together.
Here's a preview of my current quilting project: a celestial tesselation of my own design.

Hi, I'm a knitter and quilter and when my hands are busy, I have a lot of time to ponder the mathematics of what I'm doing...

I'd like to use this space to crystalize my musings and share them with you. You might even find the odd one useful!

I'd also like to have a place to build a little gallery of math and applied math (eg science) inspired handwork, both those that I admire and those I make myself.

Up Next

For my first article, I will be exploring how graph theory can make quilting less frustrating!

I'm also thinking about making a quilted banner using this micro-font and english paper piecing. It would be a very long-term project, because I just had to go and choose a website name with way too many letters. Maybe in the mean time, the banner can be progress shots. That would be so cool if it updated throughout my time here.